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Led by professionals, we carry out and monitor integrated, effective multi-channel campaigns and build and maintain brand leadership for our clients.
Enquiries at: 0240 2348189

Our Process

What sets us apart?


Customer Experience

You have to create fans. People who like what you say, how your product/service works, the team that serves them, and the attitude and values your brand portrays.
MyArkay’s messages for you are personalized, and tightly targeted with the aid of technology.


Campaign Efficiency

Unlike the old mantra of exposing the most number possible to your ads, today it’s all about who really must see, preferably when they should see, and also where most appropriately the target must consume our message.
MyArkay believes and practices minimum spillover or wastage. No long videos where the shortest will work. Least cost per digital interaction/confirmation of interest.


Effective Integration of Brand and Media Services

We design customized multi-channel content to bring your brand alive. MyArkay will also strategies your media buying and place your messages online and extend your brand visibility to new target segments. We study your competitor’s footprint and plan for a strong ROI on your brand spend across media.

Media Budgeting, Digital Planning and Buying

Precision buying to address your digital audiences - using high-tech automated tools to buy efficiently and intelligently.

Content Creation and Customization

Strategic messaging to position your brand memorably and creatively. Superior skills in word, image, filmography, and design to influence and impact your audience.

Harnessing the power of integration

Unified multi-platform messaging - experience in integrating your campaign to have one sound, one sell across media and message formats.

Device expertise for mobile campaigning

Pin-point hyperlocal implementation for faster results. Today's GPS-based tools help us pick a place and time to serve focused messaging.

Grow your brand with 'Industry Leaders'

My Arkay Communications, a pioneering agency in Marathwada, has recently achieved a significant milestone by acquiring accreditation from two eminent bodies in the media industry – DGIPR and INS. As the first agency in Marathwada to secure these prestigious accreditations, My Arkay Communications solidifies its position as an industry leader committed to excellence.

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What We Do

A professional bouquet of communication services

Dynamic Targeting

Some locations are of special interest. The main market. Your competitor’s dealer. An upmarket mall. A concert or a conference. Such footfalls offer a selective target. MyArkay delivers your messages combining other criteria with a geographic angle. This is the soundest approach for leveraging mobile devices.

'In the Zone' Marketing

There is an important trade fair/exhibition? A match in the stadium? An institute campus or residential colony? MyArkay helps you target them all with precision by showing ads within apps they are using, or through display ads on the sites they are surfing. Both GPS coordinates and IP address can be utilised for this.

Content Expertise

Consumers evince interest out of curiosity and to discover value or a new benefit. They like to be amused or to laugh. They are fascinated by how others, including celebrities, think and do stuff. MyArkay works for brands to place relevant and engaging content to win consumer attention, earn their following, and notch up market share. We analyse, research, write, design diverse pieces of engaging content in numerous formats.

Integrated but Versatile

The marketing communications mix has become more complex – there are several specialised streams/channels like inbound, e-mail, e-commerce, social, paid search, content marketing and more. With MyArkay, you have more than the advantage of an integrated approach and provider. We believe in not just doing many things, but with the required skill and understanding to carry out each of them. And powered by a larger vision and overall plan.

Our Story



Started with a humble beginning of 2 clients and 3 team members servicing from AURANGABAD.



Became a Private Limited company and forayed into with Bank of Maharashtra catalysing our growth.



Our defining year, from 1 city we expanded to 2 states, got INS accredited and successfully empanel in Defence Ministry



Began laying foundation to take the agency vision to the next level while continuing to grow and staff of 20+ personnel working across 6 office in 3 State.



Opened our corporate office in Mumbai, expanded our offerings in digital media & creative.



Expanded our offerings in Digital. Media. & Creative.



Accredited with Directorate General of Information and Public Relations (DGIPR).


Over the last decade, we've consistently upskilled ourselves adopting new technologies, learning fast, and expanding our bouquet of services. This makes us a communication partner of choice for our esteemed clients

Amarjeet Chouhan - Director, My Arkay

The nuts and bolts are complex, but maintaining the ROI-focus and brand clarity are essential if your campaign objectives are to be met. We ensure the big picture and vision drives your communication.

Rohan Deshpande - Director, My Arkay