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Led by professionals, we carry out and monitor integrated, effective multi-channel campaigns and build and maintain brand leadership for our clients.
Enquiries at: 0240 2348189

The Team

Our Team

MyArkay’s goal is to fulfill your communication objective. We look at the entire gamut of opportunities to connecting with your desired customer. We design brand assets, and build traffic and interaction around them to pave the way for lead generation and purchasing behavior. Since our debut in 2009 with the print medium, we have gone on to multimedia and cross-platform campaigns. Today, we carry out state-of-the-art digital analytics and highly automated media operations for your brand’s campaigns. We look ahead to a journey forward with your brand, your communication task, and your growth plan – we are MyArkay. The team has professional experience prior to founding MyArkay, and have considerably built further on it with solid project experience at the agency. Their willingness to wear different hats has helped it grow over the decade.

Amarjeet Chouhan

His principal area of interest is in the VIP of any business – the customer. He has developed his customer handling and CRM competencies over the years nearly two decades, besides his entrepreneurial skills and organisational abilities.

Komal Asar

She has taken charge of general administration for about a decade and oversees all financial matters and operational details with diligence and acumen.

Rohan Deshpande

He is a media planning and buying specialist with 15 years’ experience who can multi-task like the other directors and applies all-round management skills to serve client brands and the agency

Over the last decade, we've consistently upskilled ourselves adopting new technologies, learning fast, and expanding our bouquet of services. This makes us a communication partner of choice for our esteemed clients

Amarjeet Chouhan - Director, My Arkay

The nuts and bolts are complex, but maintaining the ROI-focus and brand clarity are essential if your campaign objectives are to be met. We ensure the big picture and vision drives your communication.

Rohan Deshpande - Director, My Arkay