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Led by professionals, we carry out and monitor integrated, effective multi-channel campaigns and build and maintain brand leadership for our clients.
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Media Services

The cost-efficiency of your campaigns depends on your media buying. The effectiveness in reaching the desired exposure level for your target audience depends on the precision of the media plan, and the allocation of your budget across various select vehicles – mobile, web, cable, outdoor etc.

Our in-house panel of media experts have done media planning and buying across product and service categories at leading media houses/agencies prior to their role at MyArkay. They have devised many successful plans and deals for the agency’s clients over the last decade.

Integrated Brand Services

MyArkay is not only efficient in planning with your budgets, it aims for effective ROI – so your spend can impact your sales, your brand perception, your market share, your brand valuation and your customer’s brand confidence.

Towards this, we have a brand-centric methodology that taps the best of talent in design, content creation, creative concepts, audio-visual production, market strategy, lead generation and campaign analytics.


This calls for great versatility – there are UI considerations for digital media, there is consumer psychology that goes into design of packaging, outdoor media, and visual aids for sales. This is a discipline that combines aesthetics and functionality with knowledge of customers and marketing goals. Our design includes responsive websites with HTML5 and optimised for speedy loading as well as for search engine linking – we do SEO evaluation and plan for keyword optimization and also take up the aspect of which devices are most likely used for viewing the site by your target visitors.


Content Creation

This is the era where customers want information and inspiration and comparative data – not just advertising slogans and jingles. Content Creation demands strong research and presentation skills. We produce stories that engage and persuade and build influence for our client brands. We place these stories across various platforms in suitable formats and monitor the viewer engagement. MyArkay has gained expertise in use of social platforms for the purpose of influencing members positively towards a brand in terms of appealing content and smart placement.


Creative Concepts

MyArkayis proud of the fact that with its very first client over a decade ago, it came up with a creative theme for a simple set of print ads. This theme spun out into a continuing series that newspaper readers regularly looked at, and also came to expect.<br /> Our team believes that every marketing solution, every campaign idea, every trade or packaging innovation is born from a fluency with working with creative concepts – powered by ideating, refining, testing and implementing.


Audio-Visual Production

Whether it is a 10-sec web video, aPowerpoint presentation with an audio-track and animation, a 30-sec film clip or a 12-minute corporate film, or a customised brand podcast – you need creative planning and media production skills. We have, in recent years, developed these capacities to execute multimedia projects for our clients.


Lead Generation

Digital media can be used for direct-response and to generate warm sales leads. We devise such campaigns – both search and display as well as e-mail marketing. We monitor cost per lead, adopt the funnel approach to prime and mature your leads towards conversion, and have in-house expertise for drilled-down campaign analytics.


Event Management

This is not just logistics and stage arrangements. The flow of events, the ambience, the lighting… every detail has to be in sync with your theme of the day and your overall branding. Such is the holistic approach we take at MyArkay towards managing corporate events