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Led by professionals, we carry out and monitor integrated, effective multi-channel campaigns and build and maintain brand leadership for our clients.
Enquiries at: 0240 2348189


Our Projects

MyArkay has done extensive branding and design work on identity materials for the electrical utility PSUs of Maharashtra Govt.

The core values of safety, conservation, efficiency and social commitment of these corporations is reflected in their communication – whether an event banner, a brochure, or their messaging to their customers.  The employee morale is higher as a result of the greater recognition of the organisation, and public perception of image has improved.

For a highly prestigious institution of higher learning in central India, we handle the routine and non-routine advertising needs.

From admission announcements, course brochures, branding at student and industry interaction events, faculty and employee recruitment, to design of other outbound publicity materials, we bring our design and structuring approach to deliver professional quality.